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Interlink Conference – Staying Current on Web Design

When Interlink Conference 2011 was recently held in Vancouver, we sent 2 of our finest, Ken and Megan, to gather as much information as they could. The idea behind the Interlink Conference was to “explore innovative ideas, share the latest techniques and talk about cutting-edge development tools” to “inspire the web.” It sounds like they delivered.

Both Ken and Megan attended many of the workshops held on website design. After mulling over the influx of information they received, our delegates highlighted a few of what they found to be the more inspiring sessions.

There was a rousing discussion about the design process. The problem with ideas is that they’re not worth much until you know how to express them. This talk concentrated on finding the right tools and inspiration to use for organizing ideas, making our web designers feel all the wiser.

Along with this principal of how to bring design ideas to life came a workshop about the evaluation of design principles. It explored website design and the decision making process behind the design choices. The decisions one makes to bring an idea to fruition are critical.

Websites should be designed so people can easily navigate information. A maze of a website is useless. Ken attended a session about the website users experience. It discussed the importance of making web designs simple and intuitive. This is an important philosophy for any website.

Rounding out the list of stand-out information was a session on exciting new and upcoming techniques for coding websites. Alright, maybe not that thrilling, but very interesting and useful nonetheless. In an industry that is constantly improving, we have to learn and improve with it.

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