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Exercise – Spin Cycle!

Awesome!  Awesome!  Awesome!  Yup, that’s three ‘awesome’s in a row.  The reason for the excitement is that four of the Radar Hill group went to a spin class today.  Yesterday, two of us did.

Four weeks ago I – Roger – went to my very first spin class.  Actually, at Steve Nash Fitness Club (Fitness World to us longer timers) they call the class Indoor Cycling Exercise (I.C.E.).  I absolutely loved it.  I have not sweated that much in a long time.  It was hard.  It was fun.  I made it out of there alive.  Allison, the instructor, was out to hurt me I’m sure.

After these few weeks of me being so excited about the classes some co-workers decided to try it out.  Shawn and I went yesterday.  Shawn rides his bike to work most of the year.  “I’ve never peddled that hard.”  Even so he’s coming again!

Today, Dan, Andrea, and Ken came with me.  Full marks to all for completing the whole class.  A special ‘wow’ to Dan who’s just coming off a broken collar bone.  We will be going again.  Nice work everyone!

Spin Class

Spin Class

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