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In This Issue: Radar Hill is Hiring; Upcoming Talk: Twitter; Integrity & Email; The Early Awards; Ten Year Anniversary; Great Clients, Great Announcements: Kirby’s Source for Sports, Accent Inns; New Websites: Brian Ziros, Marie Blender, Victoria Shamrocks mobile, Valley View Estates; Links Of Interest; Quote of the Week: Tracey Lamoureux of Creative Spaciz. Volume #2, Issue #3: 9 March 2011

Radar Hill is Hiring – We are looking to fill two positions, a Website Designer Committed to AWESOMENESS, and a Phenomenal PHP Programmer. Please forward this on. Details…

Upcoming Workshop: Twitter – On Friday, March 18 at 10 am in our office we will have an hour long talk on Twitter: What it is, how to set it up, how to use it. This is the very basics, for people who have never tweeted, are curious and want to start. Please RSVP by reply email or phone: 250.477.6395 for this free workshop. You do not have to have a laptop or smartphone to join us, though you are welcome to bring them along.

Integrity & Email – Recently we did a presentation, to the regional executive of a large national association, about our Membership Contact Email software, which will allow them to stay in contact with their members. When one of them realized their member’s email addresses would be on our servers, he asked some direct questions: “Do we sell these email addresses? Are we regulated? Is there anything that stops us from selling them?

Our response, of course, is no, we do not sell email addresses. This is not a regulated industry (other than the Personal Information Privacy Act and similar legislation), it is simply our ethics and integrity. Our clients place a high level of trust in us, and we will not violate that. We do not advertise, our business comes from word of mouth, and we pointed him to our testimonials. Indeed many of our clients came to us having had bad experiences with other web companies. The shame of how others in this industry have treated their customers prompted Radar Hill co-owner Roger Whitson to write Your Business Website – Own What You Pay For. As an interesting note, our servers are located in Vancouver. Being in Canada, they do not fall under the US Patriot Act nor US jurisdiction which would give the Dept. of Homeland Security access to their member’s contact details.

The Early Awards – There is still time to nominate us for an award. Are you one of our clients who have felt welcome to bring your children or grandchildren when you come to our office? We have a family-inclusive staff appreciation, and family-inclusive social gatherings; we allow staff time off, with pay, to handle family issues. The deadline is March 15th. Details on the Success By 6 website. Take the survey and at question #18, please put Radar Hill Tech. Inc.

Ten Year Anniversary – Thanks for your suggestions. Stay tuned for an invitation regarding our 10th Anniversary Bash!

Great Clients, Great Announcements

On Monday, March 7th, Saanich Council approved Kirby’s Source for Sports with a development permit. Kirby’s has been working towards this for nearly a year now, and are very excited to announce plans for a new building directly behind their current location at 894 Cloverdale Avenue. This new store will be three times the size of their current store, with double the parking. Kirby’s Source for Sports is thrilled to have the opportunity to provide their customers with a new clean and spacious building offering a more enjoyable shopping experience.

BC hotel chain Accent Inns is sponsoring the 2nd Annual Vancouver Island Outdoor Adventure Expo, April 1st – 3rd at Pearkes Recreation Centre in Victoria. It is the only BC trade show of its kind on Vancouver Island dedicated to people who enjoy adventures and activities on the land, sea or fresh water, and love the thrill of an outdoor adventure. Details…

Websites Launched

New Website: BrianZiros.com: We first met Brian Ziros at the VREB Real Estate Expo last year. He was in the process of getting his real estate license, and going through the tradeshow he found our booth. He liked what he saw, talked to some of our clients, and was very impressed. When it came time for him to get a website, we were his only choice. A multiple kickboxing and football award winner, and former owner of a successful tanning studio, he wanted a website that stood out! Using Brian’s bold, metallic Z logo as a focal point, with a subtle background image and bold red lines in the header, we created a site that really stands out! Visit his site…

New Website: MarieBlender.com: Victoria REALTOR® Marie Blender has been described as a mother who derives great joy from seeing families realize their goals. Marie says “It is such a delight to hear clients real estate dreams and then to visit them as they live the realization.” A certified makeup artist and former studio owner, Marie loved helping women accent their positive aspects and forget about the perceived negatives. These skills have carried over into her real estate career of twenty-four years. Starting from the blue and gold of the Newport Realty logo we designed a site that was unique while keeping a tie to her agency. Visit her site…

Mobile Website: Victoria Shamrocks mobile website: The Victoria Shamrocks lacrosse team asked us to create an iPhone application, a version of their website viewable on iPhones. After an analysis of their goals and requirements, having us develop a mobile version instead of a single-platform app became the better choice. Mobile websites are viewable on all smartphones, including Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian. Visit their mobile site… and ask us how your website can become mobile.

Website Re-Design: WestshoreProjects.com: We recently finished a redesign of the Valley View Estates website. Originally designed as a small website to showcase a small subdivision, Valley View has expanded to include townhomes and single family dwellings. Long term client Gary Brown of SmartMove Real Estate wanted to include some of the latest bells and whistles such as video, newsletter blog and social media. We are very pleased with the result and Gary now has a platform from which to launch similar projects. Visit their site…

Links Of Interest

Radar Hill Graphic Artist Crystal Rothwell shares Khan Academy – Watch. Practice. Learn almost anything – for free.

Radar Hill Coder Kendra Savich shares Humans Are The Routers – How to create wireless Internet access in countries like Libya, Syria, Iran, North Korea and other repressive regimes to allow citizens to communicate freely.

Kendra also shares Yes, And… one of the most useful phrases.

Radar Hill Co-owner Roger Whitson shares Google Places Mobile Option to Only Show Open Businesses – It is a great way to easily locate an open restaurant late at night, without having to drive or phone around.

Here is a timely article on How bicycling will save the economy (if we let it).

Quote of the Week: Since my website was upgraded [by Radar Hill] and looking more ‘today’ I don’t require as much time to sell myself and my work because my website does that job for me. – Tracey Lamoureux, D.I.D, Interior Designer, of Creative Spaciz.

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