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Soliciting on My Cellphone

You get them.  I know you do.  Calls on your cellphone from scam artists.  Or, repeat calls about fantastic banking rates, travel offerings or prizes.  Sheesh!

I got fed-up and created the contact ‘Ignore’ on my phone and assigned it the duck ring tone.  I know now not to even look at my phone if ‘the duck quacks’.  All of those solicitors phone numbers are associated to the contact ‘Ignore’.  (Not really sure why I picked the duck ring tone. I have nothing against ducks.)

Anyone else have a scheme for ignoring these calls?

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One Response to Soliciting on My Cellphone

  1. Not Awesome says:

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to have the ringtone for Ignore be silent? (cf those mindless anti-spam systems that let you know they’ve filtered spam : a notice that I didn’t get spammed is itself spam).