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Radar Hill Newsletter: The New 2011 Year

In This Issue: Welcome Back; Jamie’s Desk; Poltergeist; New Websites: Gina Sinclair Davis, Victoria Premium Automobiles, Bruce and Linda MacMillan; Links Of Interest. Volume #2, Issue #1: 12 January 2011.

Welcome Back to 2011, and the second year of this newsletter. Thank you to all of you who wrote, commented on, or shopped, as a result of our Christmas Shopping Newsletter. We are very pleased with your responses.

Jamie’s Desk – On the last Thursday before Christmas, while everyone was quietly working, there was a loud crash and Jamie’s desk collapsed. The part anchored to the wall came away, and everything slid towards the edge. Fortunately the collapsing desk came to rest on his PC, so all was not lost. But sadly, one monitor slid into another monitor and was ruined. Jamie is now down to one monitor.

Why did this happen? Was Jamie’s desk upset? Vengeful? Earlier that day Jamie gave us official notice that he is leaving, effective January 14th. He is going to the University of Victoria to attend Law School and work in the Humanities Computing and Media Centre. January 14th is also his three-year anniversary. He will have been with us exactly three years to the day. We thank him for his contribution to Radar Hill, and wish him good luck in his studies.

Poltergeists – With our spat of floods, quirky elevator, and Jamie’s desk, we have been asked if our office has poltergeist. Our building certainly does have personality. When it is very windy, the wind whistles in. We hear it moaning in the elevator shaft. It blows into Roger’s area and gives him the chills. Since we are closed on weekends and it is quiet, last Saturday I came to our office to put up a plastic insulation barrier across the sliding door behind Roger’s desk to stop this draft. First, I decided to clean the glass inside and out. I went out on the deck, closed the sliding door, sprayed and wiped both sides of the glass. When done, I grabbed the door handle to go back in, and it would not move. Apparently the lock had slipped down and locked the door. Or was it the poltergeist? Both outside windows were closed and locked. My BlackBerry and office keys were inside on my desk. I was locked out. Trapped! What could I do?

By chance, Andrea, our office manager, was in that day to do monthly billing. I knocked and knocked and knocked. Andrea, thinking it was part of what I was working on, ignored me, until she faintly heard me calling her name. Then she came and rescued me. Thank you Andrea. What would I have done if you were not there? Spiderman down the slope of the roof to the fourth floor? An advantage of being in a pyramid. Once safely inside I tweeted my experience, and implications if Andrea had not been there. Our client and local real estate agent Laurel Hounslow (Twitter handle: @LaurelHounslow) tweeted back: “I have visions of a desiccated or fossilized Shawn found by a 30th century archaeologist, cell in hand w/ dead battery.

Does your building or office have poltergeists or a personality? If so, email us back and we may share on our blog.

Websites Launched

New Website: GinaSinclairDavis.com: Gina Sinclair Davis is a Choreographer, Adjudicator and Master Ballet Teacher registered with the Royal Academy of Dance and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. Her dance training started at the age of 7, and she has danced professionally in Europe, Central America and Canada. Gina has received many awards for her outstanding choreography. Her new website features an original design and a Content Management System that allows her to easily update the website. Her photo gallery illustrates her many years of dance experience and dance instruction. Visit her site…

New Website: VictoriaPremiumAuto.com: Victoria Premium Automobiles Ltd is a new car dealership in Victoria specializing in pre-owned exotic and luxury vehicles. Don Moss, principal, with over 25 years experience, commits that every effort and care will be taken to deliver to his customers quality, premium vehicles that look and feel brand new at the most competitive prices. Each vehicle is meticulously inspected and must pass his rigorous vetting standards, including Car Proof and ICBC Reports. The website showcases their inventory and helps their customers arrange showings. They can easily update the content through Radar Hill’s Content Management System. Visit their site…

Website Re-Design: SookeHomes.com: Bruce and Linda MacMillan are living and selling a Sooke Lifestyle. They have sold real estate in Sooke and vicinity since 1985, and have helped many families to successfully take their place as new members of the community. Bruce and Linda wanted to revive the look of their outdated website. This new website highlights their community involvement and active lifestyle, and features an upgraded real estate listing display, a feature property on the home page, and a modern design using personal photography of themselves at the Sooke Harbour. Visit their site…

Links Of Interest

Radar Hill Graphic Artist Crystal Rothwell shares this site for selling and recycling used electronic devices on ebay.com. Crystal also shares Better World Books to Fund Literacy Worldwide.

Co-owner of Radar Hill and the Director of Product Development and Lead Programmer, Roger Whitson, shares a YouTube video: Make Mousey The Junkbot – How to make use of your old mouse.

If you followed the wikileaks saga, you may appreciate First they came for the file-sharing domains….

CFIB: This week, January 10-14, is the Canadian Federation of Independent Business’ second annual Red Tape Awareness Week to raise public awareness about the negative impact of excessive regulation on small business and citizens alike and press governments across the country to take action. Note that BC scored the highest in all of Canada: B+.

Quote: It was a unique, almost mystical environment up there. – Edwin E. (Buzz) Aldrin Jr., the second human being to set foot on the Moon.

Next week, Roger and Shawn will be in Calgary for the 2011 Calgary Real Estate Board Tradeshow.

Thank you for your ongoing support and trust, and may you have a successful and prosperous 2011.
The Radar Hill Team

Volume #2, Issue #1: 12 January 2011

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Co-owner and one of the founders of Radar Hill, Shawn is an award-winning public speaker. He loves working with business owners, and tries to keep up with marketing trends.
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