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Moving Your Website – and Email?

Moving your website to a new provider?  If your email is associated with your site – your email is moving too.  The following are some simple steps to take ensuring that your email service is not also interrupted.

  1. Determine if where you are moving offers email service.  Some service providers offer hosting ( displaying your website ) but do not include email service.  If this is your situation jump to number 5. below.
  2. Ask the new service provider to set-up your email accounts ahead of the move.  Give them the addresses you need and associated passwords.
  3. Ask the new service provider for the email configuration you will need to update on your computer(s) and smartphone(s).  This would be the server names such as mail.domainname.com and smtp.domainname.com – or something similar.
  4. Let your clients know that there may be an interruption in your email.  Especially if you have very important correspondence expected.  If the current email flow is critical set-up a Gmail ( or Yahoo!, or your choice ) account and have it as a back-up for yourself and clients to use.
  5. If the service provider you are moving to does not offer email service you can follow any of the following options:
    • Gmail – investigate how you can have your MX record updated and have email served by them.
    • Old provider – your old host ( service provider ) may offer a method of keeping your email with them but have your website be with your new provider.
    • Don’t use an email address associated with your domain.  Only ever use a Gmail ( or Yahoo!, or your choice ) email address.  Not very professional but it works.  ( Please don’t use the email address offered by your ISP [ Shaw, Telus, Rogers, etc. ].  The day may come when you leave their service.  If your email address is – for example – bob@telus.net and you terminate your relationship with Telus – Telus is going to keep their email address.

This information could save you a tremendous amount of grief.  If there’s a better solution out there please share with us.

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