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VREB Real Estate Expo 2010

The Victoria Real Estate Board’s Real Estate Expo 2010 was held on Thursday, October 28 at the Mary Winspear Centre in Sidney. Radar Hill had a booth there.This was a very successful trade show for us. The theme of this REALTOR®-only trade show was “Learn, Connect, Grow” with vendors offering products and services to help REALTORS® learn, connect and/or grow their business.

The trade show was well organized, I am pleasantly surprised to report. There were thirty-nine booths, and attendance was steady throughout the day. A sandwich table lunch was provided to attendees and exhibitors so we ate in shifts. All attendees had bingo cards to be stamped at each booth. A full card made them eligible to win an Ipad – what an attractive prize judging by the earnestness with which they came by for their stamps. Dan controlled the stamper and gave them a spiel about us, and what the leis meant, while stamping.

We handed out leis to our REALTOR® clients, and other client vendors. As the afternoon went on and we continued to hand out leis, there were more and more leis visible. When Radar Hill client Nicole Pelan came by, she said people were returning to her office wearing them, including General Manager Ray Blender. Nicole had no idea why at the time, and said to Ray “Happy Hawaii“.

Dan at our booth with Brian Ziros

The Booth: The theme of our booth was Relax, we’ll take care of it and that phrase was part of a relaxing tropical beach scene on our upright display. We set up our new trade show booth, for the first time on public display. Graphics and signage were done by our clients Madison Joans Creative. Thank you Thom and Caroline! This display had graphics and write-ups about our offerings, and above, a big sun balloon and smaller cloud balloons. In front of the booth were two tall palm trees. We really stood out! That was the idea!

Dan at our booth

Dan at our booth

Our touch screen computer was in the middle of the booth displaying client testimonials and design proofs, with a wifi connection to our on-line calendar for booking appointments. But the computer wasn’t touched. Many REALTORS®, current clients and future, came by to talk with us. One of them said ours was the best booth because there was absolutely no pressure, no sales pitch. We handed out some literature to those who asked, but mostly handed out reminders of Roger’s talk, and invitations to our annual open house coming up in late November.

Roger’s Talk: Radar Hill Co-Owner and Lead Product Developer Roger Whitson was a featured speaker, giving his talk ‘Your Business Website – Own What You Pay For’. Subtitled ‘How much of your website is really yours? Find out about the details of site and domain ownership and how to tell whose hands are on the reins‘.

This talk came out of Roger’s frustration and shame at the tactics of some companies in our industry. He covered the issues and loss of control some people have ended up in. Many in these situations eventually came to us for the straightforward solutions to clean up their problems. Roger has delivered this talk to other audiences, and is available to deliver it to your group. Contact Radar Hill for details.

The room was full for the talk, and some had to be turned away. In the line up outside, one of our clients, Sharen Warde, asked me “Do I need to be here?”

I responded with “No.  You are with us and we take care of everything for you, so you are safe.

Sharen left the line and freed up a spot for someone who needed to hear Roger’s message. We recorded his talk, and if we can clean up the recording, will turn it into a podcast series.

Roger & Shawn

Roger & Shawn

Bottle Draws: We held two bottle draws: Havana Rum courtesy of a new Radar Hill client we’ll announce once their site is launched. The winners were Dave Hillmer and Bill Walters. Congratulations to both.

Here are photos and a slideshow courtesy of the VREB.

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