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Radar Hill Newsletter October 2010: Preparing

In This Issue:
· Repairing & Healing
· VREB Expo 2010
· Event: Annual Open House
· Congratulations to Mandy Farmer of Accent Inns
· Podcasts
· New Websites: Luisa and René, Barbara Scott & Associates, Deidra Junghans
· Links Of Interest

Repairing & Healing — Repairs from our flood are continuing, and the painting should be completed next week. Dan is healing nicely, and talks about what has been happening, complete with photos, in our blog.

VREB Expo 2010 — REALTORS®, join us next Thursday October 28th at the Mary Winspear Center for the VREB Real Estate Board Expo 2010. Radar Hill’s Co-Owner and Lead Product Developer, Roger Whitson, will be speaking at 1:20 on the topic of Your Business Website — Own What You Pay For.

Upcoming Open House — Mark your calendars: the 9th Annual Radar Hill Open House will be held on Wednesday, November 24, 3 pm to 7 pm. All current, past and future clients and friends are invited to join us for snacks, refreshments and live music

Congratulations — We congratulate a Great Client of ours: Accent Inns CEO Mandy Farmer has been recognized as one of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs. Read more…

Podcasts — If you know how to leave a message on voicemail, you can broadcast personal messages from anywhere directly through your website. You can upload pre-recorded audio or video, call in voice updates from anywhere, or even re-broadcast existing Internet media. It is easy to set up and use! Listen to the Radar Hill podcast. Contact us to learn more.

Websites Launched

New Website: LuisaAndRene.com — Luisa and René are a real estate team in the Victoria area. René Bohémier was a police officer in Calgary and Vancouver who jokes that he chose real estate because he wanted to have longer lasting relationships with my clients. Luisa Celis, originally from Venezuela, has published two novels: a romance in Spanish and an historical novel in English. As a team, they have the special ability to provide services in Español and Deutsch. For their website, a simple and clean design style was used to reinforce their slogan The Simplicity of Good Service. Taking cues from their logo we incorporated a flowing curve to the top and bottom of the site. Visit their site…

Website Re-Design: BarbaraScott.ca — With Victoria REALTOR® Barbara Scott’s new branding and launch as Barbara Scott & Associates with Bruce Scott and Robin Cushing, her website needed an update to match her marketing material. Taking cues from her logo and business cards soft yellows and orange were used as a contrast to the black background of the site. Visit their site…

Website Re-Design: DeidraJunghans.com — Victoria Real Estate Agent Deidra Junghans was looking to give her website some new life. The old design was becoming dated and used muted tones which didn’t provide much visual interest. In the new design a large central picture, and bright green, contrasted with the dark background to really make the site pop. A subtle background pattern added texture and depth to the website, giving it a refined touch. For social networking, the website displays her Twitter feed. Visit her site…

Links Of Interest

Radar Hill Graphic Artist Crystal Rothwell shares The How and Why of Google Instant. And just in time for Christmas: Google TV.

Radar Hill Coder Kendra Savich shares Twitter Can Predict the Stock Market Six Days In Advance.

If you thought everything was hi-tech and wireless, you can still send a telegram.

If you are a fan of Seth Godin check out the unofficial Linchpin Podcast or follow on Twitter.

Quote: The more you rush to follow the leader, the less likely you will be to catch up. — Seth Godin.

Thank you for your ongoing support and trust. And to quote Seth again, we have to ship
The Radar Hill Team

Volume #1, Issue #27: 22 October 2010

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Co-owner and one of the founders of Radar Hill, Shawn is an award-winning public speaker. He loves working with business owners, and tries to keep up with marketing trends.
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