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More recovery

I had many well wishes after that original post about my accident.   Thank you!  I’m happy to report that they seemed to have worked!  Within a week all of the visible damage to my face was pretty much healed up and now, three weeks later, it is just my chin and neck that hurt me.

Nerve damage to my chin has left it numb to the touch, but my specialist tells me that feeling will likely come back in time.

Regular chiropractic care has kept my neck and nervous system functioning while repair is underway in the region.  Thankfully, regular adjustments have made it possible for me to sleep regularly and function without taking any drugs, speeding my recovery.

I was quite stunned at how excellent all of the health practitioners were, up at Whistler and here in Victoria.  In order of Appearance, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank:

Tracy Cananash RN
Franceska RN
Dr. Adam Kendall
The X-ray guy
Dr. Vanessa White DC
Dr. Slobodan Djurickovic
Chelsy Low, RMT
Dr. Wong
Dr. Kevin White DC
Adrian Cato, RMT

The Mona Lisa

that first week was not so great....

...and the third week, much better

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