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Radar Hill Newsletter September 2010: The Flood & Dan’s Accident

In This Issue:
· The Flood
· Dan’s Mountain Bike Accident
· New Websites: Vanillablossom, AmericanBedBreakfast.com, Chemainus Garden, Colin Walters
· Links Of Interest

The Flood — Sometime during the early morning hours of this past Monday, a ceiling pipe that connected two hot water tanks on the roof burst unexpectedly, causing ceiling tile and water to come pouring down on our graphic artists’ workstations. No one was in at the time, but the collapsing ceiling (or perhaps the deluge of water) set off our alarm system. Kendra, who was first on the scene, explains:

“I came in at about 8:40 to the sound of the alarm going off and water pouring down in the back. Security showed up about five minutes after I got here, and didn’t know what to do. All our emergency numbers are on our [in-house] Wiki, so I had to boot up my computer to phone Dan or Roger [Shawn was on the mainland meeting with clients].

“Crystal and Ken showed up shortly after I tried phoning Dan, Roger, and the landlord. Roger said everything should be well grounded because of the UPS, so we did what you are technically never supposed to do (without insulation, anyway) and unplugged all the electronics and tried to get them out of the way of the pipe, which was pouring warm water and had collapsed a corner of the ceiling. It was a couple of inches deep on the carpet by then. We set up some pots and buckets to catch the still-pouring water, which was trying to get around the pony wall to Dan’s desk, and started drying what we could in the hopes that the hardware could be salvaged if left to sit long enough. To no avail.

“Dan came in somewhere in the middle of this — I can’t remember exactly when. I hadn’t got his email about the accident, so I was certainly surprised by his appearance when he came in! Quite possibly the worst Monday ever for him.

“As there is no shutoff for the pipe, it kept pouring all morning and partway into the afternoon before the plumber managed to stop it. And now we’ve had fans and plastic dividers in the office all week.”

When the water was eventually turned off there was nearly two inches of water in some places. Most of the workstations and electronics were damaged. The two wooden desks that Dan built appear to be fine, since he used plywood and real wood and not particle board. As of yesterday the restoration company gave their estimate of four weeks for everything to be repaired.

We are still open for business. Dan’s computer is now in front of our Organization Board. Ken and Crystal have moved into the board room. Except for a slight delay to re-organize our workstations, it is business as (un)usual!

Dan’s Mountain Bike AccidentDan explains what happened:

“I went to Whistler this past weekend. I had fun on the first day, learning how to downhill mountain bike with an instructor. The second day did not go well.

“I went off a jump. When I got to the end of the jump I thought to myself this is way bigger than I want, but it was too late. I got out of shape and crashed to the ground. Mostly on my face. The next thing I remember is feeling the wet of mud on my face. Turns out it was mud and blood.

“Due to excellent planning, I was wearing a full face rental helmet and suffered no concussion, no broken bones and no broken teeth. In spite of this planning I still got hit pretty hard, cutting my lip and nose, leaving me with some nice lumps on my head and whiplash. I had a “concerning” laceration in my mouth that required the expertise of an oral plastic surgeon, but he said that surgery wasn’t necessary. So, I’m in one piece and recovering now, but it’s not pretty. While I am feeling quite lucky emotionally, I’m not feeling too good physically with the whiplash.” See the photo.

Websites Launched

New Website: Vanillablossom.com — A local Victoria company, Vanillablossom Flavours specializes in Vanilla in all its forms. They just launched their own line of spices. They also represent Lentia Enterprises’ line of products for the bakery and food service industry, and the BC line of MIWE’s commercial ovens and industrial freezers. Vanillablossom brand products are carried in many retail stores and food service distributors across Canada. For the website they wanted a design that would be evocative of the spice trade. A wooden ship, compass rose, and worn parchment textures were used to create this Old World feel. Visit their site…

Website Re-Design and Re-Launch: AmericanBedBreakfast.com — We are proud to release a newly-redesigned website for this popular American accommodations and services listing website. This website, managed by Nash Multimedia Inc., features our latest technology, including a robust content management system (CMS) that the website’s maintainers use for complete content control. Advertisers can submit and manage their listings online with an easy-to-use customer interface. Visit their site…

Website Re-Design & Enhancement: ChemainusGarden.com — Chemainus Garden Holiday Resort was created by and for people who love British Columbia’s natural beauty. They now have a beautiful new website to match, which features an elegant design, an integrated Blog, and a Content Management System that allows the new owners to easily update their website. Social Media Links and a Twitter Feed allow users to keep in touch and access the latest information from their favorite resort. Visit their site…

Website Re-Design: ColinWalters.com — Victoria real estate agent Colin Walters has been going to the ‘Nth’ degree for his real estate clients for over 18 years now, and he wanted to update his website to reflect his experience and professionalism. Using a clean design and colours with lots of contrast we created a website that ‘pops’, and highlights Colin’s properties and services. Visit his site…

Links Of Interest

From The New York Times: Code That Tracks Users’ Browsing Prompts Lawsuits — Computer code placed on hard drives known as Flash cookies is prompting consumers to file lawsuits against media and technology companies over privacy.

From IT Business: CIRA changes remove hassle for domain name owners — Managing .ca addresses may become smoother when the Canadian Internet Registration Authority gets rid of red tape around domain name management and rolls out a new technology next month.

Neat! From IT Business: Mozilla concept phone is a glimpse of the future — The Seabird phone has two pico projectors, a virtual keyboard and a multifunction Bluetooth dongle.

Fun Stuff: AuroraMAX — Research on the northern lights, complete with Aurora alerts via Twitter.

Quote: It’s the information age. Nobody knows anything anymore. — Tom Fletcher.

Thanks for your ongoing support and trust,
The Radar Hill Team

Volume #1, Issue #25: September/24/2010

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