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August 2010 Newsletter: Our New Website!

In This Issue:
· Radar Hill’s New Website
· Open House Widget
· New Website: Ride-On Canada
· Links Of Interest

On Monday we launched a new look for the RadarHill.com website, held a Launch Party with our guests, and recorded a podcast of the event. This is more than a simple redesign, it is also a re-organization. It is designed to be a reflection of our best work, and uses some of the best tools that we have, including our robust Content Management System. The website features a live Twitter feed, an RSS feed of our latest blog posts, and a matching blog theme.

The portfolio underwent perhaps the biggest changes of any section. While the old portfolio separated sites into clear categories and gave each project only a small amount of text, and a tiny thumbnail, the new portfolio was designed to draw attention to the focus of our company, the work we do for our clients. Each portfolio item features at least one large thumbnail; some projects have an additional gallery of images that highlight interesting design aspects. Instead of categories – which can be restrictive – the portfolio uses a system of tags (another CMS plugin), which allows multiple keywords to be associated with each item. For example, one portfolio item might be tagged content management system, custom design, and ecommerce. Using the portfolio keywords sidebar, a visitor can search for all items tagged with any of those keywords. On the portfolio landing page we highlight the latest and greatest websites that we have done. Visit our new website…

REALTOR® Special: Open House Widget

REALTORS®, this is a great time to have the Victoria Real Estate Board’s Open House widget added to your real estate website. When your visitors view a page containing the widget, it will display a current count of the number of upcoming open houses on the MLS® system.

Installation is easy — choose a size and let Radar Hill do the rest.

Website Launched

New Website & Design: Ride-OnCanada.com – This is a new website for the Canadian division of Ride-On Tire Protection System, a line of tire sealants for motorcycles, ATVs and off-road vehicles, and commercial vehicles. In addition to a custom design for the site, we also designed the Ride-On Canada business cards. The website features our robust Content Management System (CMS), which allows the client almost complete control of the content. Retailers can shop for wholesale products via a private login; shipping with Canpar is calculated automatically, and Moneris handles the payment process.

Their Ride-On Tire Protection System (TPS) helps vehicles to reduce their carbon footprints by reducing leaks, which helps tires maintain their optimum pressures. This can improve vehicle fuel efficiency by up to 3%. By acting as a balancer, pressure maintainer and flat preventer, Ride-On extends the useful life of tires by up to 25%, reducing the number of tires that end up in landfills, and eliminates the senseless depletion of petroleum resources needed to replace prematurely-worn tires. Their tire sealants protect the environment while saving money and increasing vehicle safety and performance. Visit their site…

Links Of Interest

Co-owner of Radar Hill and the Director of Product Development and Lead Programmer, Roger Whitson, shares Google-Verizon Pact: It Gets Worse — Talks between Google & Verizon, and backed by AT&T, seriously threaten the open, free flow of information and ideas that the Internet provides to us. Google & Verizon: back off. We need ‘net neutrality.

Jamie Nay, PHP Programmer, shares: LinkedIn: Like a bad chain letter — From the Fraud Files. “…most active people on the lists are headhunters or people who want to sell you something…”

Kendra Savich, website coder, shares The Transition Town movement: Transitions Victoria is part of a worldwide grassroots movement that encourages citizens to become active in co-creating sustainable community by reducing oil-dependence and building local resilience. Learn more at TransitionCulture.org and TransitionTowns.org.

Quote: It is better to know nothing, than to keep in mind fixed ideas based on theories whose confirmation we constantly seek, neglecting meanwhile everything that fails to agree with them. — Claude Bernard, writing in An Introduction to the Study of Experimental Medicine, 1865.

Thanks and talk to you next week,
The Radar Hill Team

Volume #1, Issue #22: August/12/2010

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