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Radar Hill Newsletter July 2010: A Neighbour’s Open House & Podcasting

In This Issue:
· Steve Nash Fitness World Open House
· Podcasting
· Website Addition: Social Media on Dodd’s Real Estate Team
· Links Of Interest

Our office is located above Steve Nash Fitness World. For the last four years we have provided free gym memberships for our staff. We think it’s a great idea to stay healthy and fit, and with the gym one floor below it’s too easy! This Saturday, July 31, the gym — Steve Nash Fitness World — is hosting an Open House. Stop in for a look around. We are in the pyramid-shaped building at the corner of Douglas and Cloverdale in Victoria.

Podcasting — If you know how to leave a message on voicemail, you can put an audio or video podcast on your website. Why?

  • Give yourself an edge by sending real-time voice messages to all your clients simultaneously.
  • Inspire your customers with regular, engaging information.
  • Boost your credibility with a highly visible online media tool.
  • Extend the reach of your content with a powerful but low-cost media application.
  • Create an online video archive showcasing your work.
  • Brand it with your website and marketing materials.

Contact Radar Hill to add Podcasting to your website

Websites Launched

Website Addition: Social Media on Dodds Real Estate Team – We worked with Chris Burdge and bWEST Interactive to help Dodds Real Estate Team create and implement their social media strategy. The tactics employed consist of a blog, which is the foundation, as well as a number of outposts: Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. The Dodd Team is starting to build a healthy network and are receiving inquiries that could turn into business.

Links Of Interest

Praise for Radar Hill website client Accent Inns, making a real difference in the world: Keys to the Green Room — from the Sierra Club of BC.

From IT Business: Pirate Party of Canada seeks new captain — An international political movement that’s enjoyed electoral success in Sweden. In Canada, the fledgling movement has attracted almost 2,000 supporters and a group of tech-savvy entrepreneurs are at the helm.

From Greentech Media: Will Good Vibrations Power Your TV’s Remote? — Brother Industries says someday you might shake your appliances to get them to work.

Quote: People who have something really private to say probably shouldn’t do it in a text on their cellphones. — Marc Rotenberg, Electronic Privacy Information Center

Thanks and talk to you next week,
The Radar Hill Team

PS: Listen to an abridged podcast of this newsletter.

Volume #1, Issue #20: July/30/2010

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