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What’s Happening at Radar Hill June 2010: A request, and more…

We are developing a new USP, Unique Selling Proposition, sometimes known as a tag line, for Radar Hill. First, we have a favour to ask: please take a moment and tell us why you use our services? Why you like dealing with Radar Hill? What sets us apart from our competition? We value your opinion and thank you in advance for your response.

Weather-wise it is starting to warm up here, but not much. Jack Knox commented on “…this year’s eternal winter. With the exception of the two weeks of April that we had during the Olympics in February, it has been March since October.”

Website Launched

New Design: PremierClosets.com – A family owned and operated business for 17 years. This week we launched their new website, which highlights their closet organizing solutions, and has a large photo gallery of their work. The website design is clean and highly organized – just like the closet organizers! Take a look at their Deluxe Closet Organizer, which hangs off the floor, helping to keep the closet tidy, and vacuuming is a breeze. Visit their site…

Links Of Interest

Co-owner of Radar Hill and the Director of Product Development and Lead Programmer, Roger Whitson, has written Your Business Website – Own What You Pay For for a talk he gave to the WestShore Chamber of Commerce. Ever hear the expression you get what you paid for? Well, on the Internet that’s not always true…

From The New York Times: Merely Human? That’s So Yesterday – The Singularity movement sees a time when human beings and machines will merge and overcome illness and perhaps death.

From The Canadian Federation of Independent Business: It’s time to cap the property tax gap! BC municipalities overtax small business – Business owners across BC pay on average 3 times more property tax than residents on the same value property, according to the latest report issued by CFIB.

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