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June 2010: This week at Radar Hill – firefighters, phones, social networking

It’s been an eventful day here at Radar Hill. This morning we heard lots of sirens, and because of our central location and excellent views, went to the windows to look. Three firetrucks went straight to our building. Saanich firefighters went through our building, and our office, looking for a for a chemical/burning/sulphurous smell, apparently coming from one of the lower level businesses. The lower levels were evacuated, but we were told we could stay. In case they were wrong, Jamie, our PHP programmer, and I said our goodbyes.

Then the rest of the day was quiet. Too quiet. The phone wasn’t ringing. We thought everyone went on holidays until a woman phoned to ask ‘have you received any strange phone calls?’ Andrea responded with ‘Only from you’. She said the lines were crossed, and when her husband tried to call her, our telephone number showed up on her caller ID. Then one of our clients phoned, finally connected on his third attempt. Realizing there was a problem, I called our phone company, Allstream. They were aware, and working with Telus to get this cross-lined issue straightened out. The techs at Allstream were friendly and helpful. They tested calling our different lines, got a Peter somewhere, and a Bob somewhere else. The issue should be fixed by the time you read this.

On another note, this week we had a real estate specific Social Networking workshop with Chris Burdge, attended by:

Websites Launched

Re-Design: GregMarshallDesign.com – Designers of International Luxury Yachts. The team of naval architects and engineers at Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architects (GCMNA) covers all aspects of a yacht’s design, from the first inspirational brainstorming session with their client, to the sea trials that validate the vessel’s performance. With each yacht they create a balance of art and science, of creativity and technology, of appearance and performance. The company wanted a new, slick, updated look for their website, so we re-designed it to reflect their high-end yachts. The website features a large slide show on the home page featuring their best yachts, and showcases their work in the Portfolio section. We added in our custom Content Management System (CMS) where they can easily manage all of their content and photos. Visit their site…

Re-Design: HikingTrailsBooks.com We have just launched the new design for the Vancouver Island Trails Information Society. Since 1972 VITIS has been a non-profit society dedicated to providing information to the public about parks and trails on Vancouver Island. They publish three hands-on books, each one covering a specific geographic region:

  • Book 1: Greater Victoria and Vicinity
  • Book 2: South-Central Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands
  • Book 3: Northern Vancouver Island

The look of their earlier website was very out-dated, so we brought their website presence up to 2010 standards. As well as an update to the design of the website, we also upgraded their Content Management System, one of the first we created, to our newest, allowing them to edit and update all the content and photos on their website much more easily. Visit their site and buy a book or three. They make great gifts!

Links Of Interest

For those of you who like to tweak your Windows operating system, Kendra Savich, our website coder, has written instructions for dealing with advertisements while surfing the ‘net, by tweaking the hosts file. Read Me and my Hosts List: or, how I beat The Man.

From IT Business: Is Google too big to be trusted? – Why is it that we storm the gates of Facebook, and get it to change its privacy policy, but give Google a pass when it comes to the massive amounts of data that it collects on us?

Social Networking stats: A Youtube video entitled Social Media Revolution – Is social media a fad? Or is it the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution? Note: you don’t need sound to watch this.

From The New York Times: Military Taps Social Networking Skills – Young Air Force analysts are showing how the Facebook generation’s skills are being exploited – and paying dividends – in America’s wars.

Fun stuff: What your email address says about your computer skills.

Thanks and talk to you next week,
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