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May 2010 Newsletter: This Week at Radar Hill

This week at Radar Hill

Week ten of our newsletter already! Thanks for your support and feedback, and for forwarding this newsletter on to your friends and colleagues.

This week we started renovating our guest washroom. It was gutted, the toilet and vanity removed and donated to Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore. In the staff washroom I noticed that the wall mounted sink was coming away from the wall. Apparently it had been bolted, through the wall, to the vanity in the guest washroom. With that vanity gone, the sink was now hanging, supported only by the copper drain. We promptly propped it up, on one side with an old cabinet door, and on the other side with a plunger supported by a half dozen Radar Hill-logoed pucks.

Then our toilet broke, the flusher snapped in half.

Both toilets out of commission, and we’ve been sampling all the new coffee flavours! Good thing the elevator was just replaced, so we could go down to Fitness World. One thing I learned from my parents was that if something breaks or goes wrong, jump in and fix it. So I did. A short walk to the plumbing store for parts, and the toilet was operational.

That is how we do things at Radar Hill. People bring us their problems, their unworkable websites, their faulty Content Management Systems, their awkward domain name situations. We jump in and make it right. We find workable, realistic solutions. It’s what we do.

Website Launched

New Website and Design: TheGabels.ca – Donna and Erin Gabel are a mother-daughter Real Estate team. They had professional photos of themselves taken for the website and the photo helps to portray a sleek and polished look. The website contains a lot of information including their properties for sale and informative material for buyers and sellers. Visit their site…

Links Of Interest

First IDN ccTLDs Available. What does this mean? The Web uses English, or to be more specific, non-Latin characters in domain names. It is not just .com and .ca the other country extensions, there are no accents used either. For example, francais.fr, a racing site in France, has to be written as francais.fr and not français.fr because the Web could not understand an accent such as the ç (cedilla). All that is changing. For the first time, non-Latin domain names are being introduced. Read more from ICANN.

From IT Business: How to create a great home-office network – Confused about how how to pick the right hardware for your PCs, Internet-capable HDTVs, and other devices. Not to worry. This guide will walk you through the complexities of setting up a home network.

Thanks and talk to you next week,
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