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How A Web Design Goes Straight To Hell

Our PHP Programmer Jamie Nay came across this great illustration of what can happen in the web design process.Stock photo of a smart phone lying on a keyboardIt is created by Matthew Inman and entitled How A Web Design Goes Straight To Hell. It doesn’t often happen to the extremes portrayed, but it does happen. When it does, we do not put our names on the bottom, nor add it to our portfolio.

When we get requests to make a design “that looks nice” we feel like responding with “no, we only make ugly websites.” When our talented team of graphic designers, Megan Newhouse and Garrett Chan, make design proofs, they give it their best shot. They make their proofs look as great as they think they should look, based on the criteria of the client.

If people will come to us on a ‘very low budget’  we advise them to choose an unused proof from our design showroom. We’ll customize this one proof to their name, company, logo and corporate colour theme, and build the site from there. Our graphic designers will make this one proof as nice and as professional as they think it could be.

But often, this ‘very low budget’ client will insist on changes to the look. They’ll use phrases like:

  • “…figure out where to put it so it makes design sense…”
  • “…may need to balance other design elements…”
  • “…use your design eye…”

Yet our graphics team has already done that to their best judgement.

It is like the bread analogy. One goes to a baker and asks her to make the best bread possible. The baker does, but once the bread is in the oven, the person says, “No wait, I want you to put in 2 more cups of flour, a half teaspoon less yeast, and no salt.” The baker starts over, and when this bread comes out, it is terrible. Then the baker says, “You hired me for my expertise to make my best bread, why did you want to change it?”

Take a look at How A Web Design Goes Straight To Hell

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