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Domain name issue: GoDaddy.com transfer

We often deal with domain name issues. Here is one experience with a .COM domain registered through GoDaddy.com.

Logo for GoDaddy.comWe were transferring it over to us. I like GoDaddy.com, their support is good, they are helpful, and I rate them highly as a registrar. They would be one of my first choices if we could no longer work with our current OpenSRS reseller.

For this domain, although we had the client number, the password we had on file was no longer valid. It was a random password, so there was no point using GoDaddy’s retrieve password hint option. I opted for the reset password. I filled out the required information, then both emailed and paged our client to await the email.

Once our client received the password reset email from GoDaddy, she forwarded it to me. It was time sensitive, as it is only valid for two hours. Time was of the essence in getting this done. I clicked on the password reset link, put in her GoDaddy customer number, then put in a new password.

I changed the registrant/admin email address on file from her personal address to a corporate domains@DOMAINNAME address. Then requested the authorization code to transfer the domain. A moment later I received the authorization code in her domains@DOMAINNAME email account. I went to our usual OpenSRS reseller and went through the usual domain name transfer process, which succeeded with no further incidents. The next day I received an email from our OpenSRS reseller that the domain had been successfully transferred.

Another successful domain name transfer, and all this done at no cost to our client, because her domain name is free as part of her Real Estate Internet Package with Radar Hill.

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