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West Coast Sculpture Association

We launched the website for the West Coast Sculpture Association.This site at www.WestCoastSculpture.org is for the West Coast Sculpture Association, which seeks to educate artists and the public about sculpture and sculpture techniques, provide resources and increase public awareness and appreciation for sculpture.

For the design, this talented group of artists laid out quite a challenge for us. They did not want the site to highlight or display any specific sculptures or works of their members. They did not want a ‘typical’ layout or colour scheme.

To bring in the look and feel of sculpture our talented team of Radar Hill graphic artists used a variety of stone textures, and went with an unusual, but interesting, blend of teal and various shades of mocha with a blend of three non-specific sculpture-related photos. We did well. We are praised in the report of the President of the West Coast Sculpture Association:

“…thank the fine folks at Radar Hill, in Victoria, B.C. for facilitating this long awaited addition to our association. Without their assistance and support, this project would not have been possible. Custom designing a site for artists isn’t the easiest job in the world – and I feel they did a magnificent job.”

This site came to us through sculptor and long-time friend of Radar Hill, David E. Kelbert. Some of his artwork decorates our office and complements our colour scheme, and we often discuss his work when we do tours for potential clients.

Visit the new website of the West Coast Sculpture Association: www.WestCoastSculpture.org.

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