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Photo of the glass and steel Radar Hill logo mounted in the entrance of the officeRadar Hill has been featured by Allstream as a success story. Allstream Small Business is our telephone line provider. When they first offered business and local telephone service in Victoria through the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, we were very happy to leave Telus and use Allstream, and we have been very happy with that service. When Allstream recently put out a call for success stories from their customers, we happily obliged.

The original story is on Allstream’s website, under Small Business Success Stories. It is based on a telephone interview and perusal of our website. Here is a copy of this success story.

Radar Hill Technology Inc.

Radar Hill is an Internet development, design and online database company based in Victoria, British Columbia.

The company was formed in 2001 by three web developers, Dan Lundgren, Roger Whitson and Shawn O’Hara, who recognized that by pooling their talents they could expand their client base and service expertise.

“We had our own really small companies and wanted to get bigger and better,” explains Shawn.

A full-service Internet development company, Radar Hill designs easy-to-use and effective web-based products and tools.

“We design websites and also develop online content management systems and data bases to help clients manage their content,” explains Shawn. “We give people the tools ability to update their content easily. Our goal is to make products that are intuitive and easy to use.”

For example, Radar Hill recently designed an online database for a hotel so they can filter customers based on specific demographic information in order to send targeted personalized e-mails. They designed a website for a legal firm where clients can log in and access court documents related to their case.

About half of Radar Hill’s clients are real estate agents that need to constantly update their sites with information and photos of properties for sale.

“We are dealing with eight different real estate boards in B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan,” says Shawn. “We develop numerous products for Realtors, including a wireless tool that allows them to view property listings on mobile phones and blackberries.”

Radar Hill also develops websites for marine-related companies with private web space for tradespeople and engineers to transfer plans. For retail stores they design online catalogues and stores with e-commerce and mail catalogues.

Other clients include international security companies, bloggers, and mortgage companies. Radar Hill has designed sites for companies as far away as Mexico and have several American clients.

Radar Hill has gained a reputation for user-friendly online products that help their clients run their businesses more efficiently, and for quality service. They expect a similar commitment from their own suppliers.

Shawn says he was unhappy with the service he received from his former telecommunications provider, so Radar Hill recently switched its phone systems over to Allstream Small Business.

“Our previous provider was pricy and bureaucratic — they didn’t seem to want to make their customers happy,” says Shawn.

Allstream Small Business offers cost-effective telecommunications solutions tailored to the needs of individual companies. They have a dedicated sales and support team to take care of their customer’s needs.

Allstream Small Business’ phone and Internet bundles allow company’s to choose only the services they require. For ultimate convenience and affordability, the packages can be customized by adding individual phone, Internet or long distance features to the bundle. And it is easy to switch over to Allstream Small Business. You even get to keep your company’s current phone numbers.

Radar Hill purchased two Phone 500 bundles, which gives the company four phone lines and 1,000 Canadian and U.S. long distance minutes. They also customized the bundle by purchasing three toll-free lines.

“By switching to the Allstream Small Business bundle we are saving about $25 a month, compared to what we used to pay, and we get a lot more for our money, including long distance savings,” says Shawn. “We have clients across the country but since we stay under the 1,000 minutes worth of long distance, we now have a very consistent monthly bill.”

Shawn also points to the fact that the Allstream Small Business bundles are flexible and can grow with the company.

“We have assigned different Radar Hill products to each toll-free line but they all ring at our office main number,” he explains. “As we become increasingly busy this makes it easy to divert the phone lines to a call centre. So the system is designed for expansion.”

Allstream Small Business delivers a reliable and high quality telecommunications service over a state-of-the-art fibre optic network running coast-to coast and equipped with the latest digital switching technologies. International connections are provided via leading service providers in more than 70 countries around the world.

“The sound quality is really clear,” says Shawn. “A lot of people call us on cell phones, so there is already some distortion, but we can always hear them just fine. With Allstream Small Business you get a lot of value for the price and a really good service.”


About Shawn

Co-owner and one of the founders of Radar Hill, Shawn is an award-winning public speaker. He loves working with business owners, and tries to keep up with marketing trends.
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