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Flash and Splash

We often get requests for Splash pages, especially using Flash. Like all professional web designers, we tend to discourage them. Nonetheless, we have clients who insist on them. If you are thinking of using Flash on your Splash page, consider this:

Logo for Adobe Flash product“…most of the Flash that Web users encounter each day is bad Flash with no purpose beyond annoying people. The one bright point is that splash screens and Flash intros are almost extinct. They are so bad that even the most clueless Web designers won’t recommend them, even though a few (even more clueless) clients continue to request them.”

That was from Jakob Nielsen, who we consider to be one of the great gurus of web usability, and his article on Top Ten Web Design Mistakes

As Jared Spool of Macromedia says at www.MarketingSherpa.com “…When we have clients who are thinking about Flash splash pages, we tell them to go to their local supermarket and bring a mime with them. Have the mime stand in front of the supermarket, and, as each customer tries to enter, do a little show that lasts two minutes, welcoming them to the supermarket and trying to explain the bread is on aisle six and milk is on sale today.”

What is your view? Do you like Flash on Splash pages? Do you like non-Flash Splash pages?

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