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Radar Hill Is On Facebook

Today I set up Radar Hill on Facebook as a business page. Look up Radar Hill and let me know what you think. I will add to it, and post when things happen here, like websites going live. I set up my own Facebook page a little while ago, and have been slowly playing with that. I have read that a business page on Facebook was a good idea, and the first step was to create a personal page, then add a business page, so that is what I did.

It is our foray into social networking. Next up is probably a Twitter feed. I figured out what works for me. My desktop runs Linux Ubuntu (yay!), and beside that is a Windows XP laptop with dual monitors. As I only use the laptop for some networking, I can display and track the social networking sites. That is the plan, anyway.

Look up Radar Hill on Facebook.

About Shawn

Co-owner and one of the founders of Radar Hill, Shawn is an award-winning public speaker who publishes our newsletters and organizes our monthly workshops. He loves working with business owners, and tries to keep up with marketing trends.
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