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Redesign: loophole.ca

We did a design and relaunch of the website for the Victoria law firm of Armstrong Wellman. They have a very interesting and memorable domain name: LoopHole.ca. Why? Because that is what they do. They deal with Civil Litigation, Tax Disputes and some Human Rights issues. As their site says:

Laurie Armstrong is one of a very few lawyers in Victoria familiar with the Federal Tax and Court systems, and has successfully represented taxpayers at all levels, often with dramatic reductions in the amount of tax initially assessed.

We often use this website as an example of the great work we do here. On the back end is a Content Management System (CMS) that, along with enabling them to update the content on their website, they maintain password-protected online ‘rooms’ in which they post documents for their clients, especially those involved in class action suits.

For the design, a red brick background was chosen, to invoke imagery of solid permanence and stability. For SEO and the meta and title tags, we emphasized not only their Victoria location, but also their Canadian tax issues because they deal with federal government and Supreme Court issues.

The two Partners wanted to show that they weren’t just lawyers – they were also humans, so their biographies include some personal stuff.
Laurie Armstrong builds boats wooden, while Heather Wellman, among many talents, rides her Honda Rebel motorcycle.

Not only are they great people, they are the legal firm that we at Radar Hill use.

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