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We had our monthly breakfast, one of our best yet.These breakfasts started after we moved to our current office space. Since we now have a real kitchen, albeit small, and a BBQ, it was decided the last Friday of the month we would make breakfast, all eat in the boardroom, and talk. It would be a relaxed environment. We could talk shop, industry stuff, personal stuff, brainstorm, sports, movies, whatever. We usually take turns making breakfast, sort of, but some of us enjoy making it more than others, and some of us enjoy eating more than others, so I have only done it once, egg muffins. Usually Dan or Roger makes it, with help from Andrea, Megan, Garrett or Jamie.

Today we had an invigorating discussion on goals and objectives for the new year. We talked about new products to develop and launch, current products to improve; working conditions; dress code; company standards. We talked, debated and joked all morning, found it incredibly informative, made a list of what to do, and have begun
incorporating the better vetted ideas. Here is to a successful 2009!

About Shawn

Co-owner and one of the founders of Radar Hill, Shawn is an award-winning public speaker. He loves working with business owners, and tries to keep up with marketing trends.
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