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Jody Desbiens

The economic turmoil has affected Radar Hill.These are interesting times we live in. As some have asked, is this 1929 or 1983? It is neither, because the world economy is more interconnected than either of those times, and the scope of the current turmoil is not a reprisal of past events. Astute financial planners saw this coming. To some extent they knew the current system could not continue.

As the real estate market slows down it affects Radar Hill. When we were founded, real estate made up about 90% of our business, but we have diversified so now it is about 60%. Even so, a slowdown there affects us. We had a booth at the Victoria Real Estate Board technology fair, and set up the Radar Hill Laboratory, with lab coats and a microscope. The concept was to ask our users what new tools we can develop, or what current tools can we enhance, to make their lives easier. Because that is what we at Radar Hill do. They were all happy with the service, with very few concrete suggestions. That means we are doing our job.

A very strong difference compared to past years was in the amount of new business. They used to come up and say “you’ve got to call me” but this time they said “I’ll call you when I am ready.”

This market slowdown has put us in the unfortunate position of laying off our most recent hire, Jody Desbiens, an incredibly talented web designer and graphic artist. She has only been with us for less than four months, and we have been truly impressed with her skill and talent.

It is frustrating to be in this position. Part of our philosophy for how Radar Hill operates is that we hire long term. We do not believe in hiring for a project, then laying off when that project is done. We tried to keep Jody with us, looked at alternatives, but the words of our accountant sum it up: “…it is better to let some staff go to keep the company operating and providing employment for the remaining employees.”

This does not mean that Radar Hill is in financial difficulties, or can’t meet our obligations. It does mean we are cautious about the future, as we see some of our clients tighten up. That is an interesting reaction from real estate agents. Bob Corcoran, real estate consultant and coach, says that in a slow market, REALTORS(R) need to ensure, or become, invested in new technologies, so they can become more effective.

We intend to use Jody’s talents, in a freelance role, to do website design proofs, and print requests, for our clients.

When we originally posted for her position, we were delighted that she applied. She was everything we were looking for. Not only highly talented, but also had an excellent, positive attitude, perceptive, thoughtful, and fit right in.

Any company that chooses to hire Jody Desbiens is making an excellent choice, and we wish her well in future endeavors.

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Co-owner and one of the founders of Radar Hill, Shawn is an award-winning public speaker. He loves working with business owners, and tries to keep up with marketing trends.
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