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Hello world!

Hello, welcome to our new blog, which goes along with the launch of our new website. We will use this blog to inform you of issues we are working on, products we offer, problems we have solved, websites we have launched, and new information and products we are aware of. We will update it a couple of times a week, so check back frequently.

We have also started a forum for one of our products, SideCar Advantage. You can visit the forum at www.SideCarAdvantage.com/news/

This forum will allow our SideCar users to post questions that we will respond to, and discuss issues, tweaks, and new features.

For some history, SideCar is a REALTOR(R) tool in which a REALTOR(R) inputs all the search criteria of a particular buyer, such as price range, neighbourhood, number of bedrooms, etc. There are many fields depending on type of property (house, condo etc.). Then SideCar searches through the entire MLS(R) database and if it finds a match, can inform both the REALTOR(R) and the potential buyer, by email, text message, etc.

SideCar was developed by Radar Hill years ago, and was enhanced into SideCar Advantage last year. The Advantage part has an online feature. Potential buyers can log in to view the status of the listings they have been sent, for example, if they are sold or the price changes. SideCar Advantage has lots of great features and is very popular among Victoria REALTORS(R) and the property-buying public.

To learn more about SideCar Advantage, please see www.SideCarAdvantage.com/ and to take part in our new forum, see www.SideCarAdvantage.com/news/

That same technology, of quickly searching through a database and sending out notifications of matches, can be applied to other industries. Contact Radar Hill if you have a business or concept to discuss.

Until next time…

About Shawn

Co-owner and one of the founders of Radar Hill, Shawn is an award-winning public speaker. He loves working with business owners, and tries to keep up with marketing trends.
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One Response to Hello world!

  1. Roger says:

    Thanks, Shawn. Just to let you know we’ve been busy with our News posts at the http://www.sidecaradvantage.com/news/.

    There are several good items of information there about improvements and bug fixes.

    Plus, anyone can let us know about new features they’d like to have.