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6 Reasons To Do Google Ads

Google Ads (Formerly known as AdWords), is the biggest pay-per-click advertising platform available, allowing businesses to create targeted online advertising to be shown when specific Google search terms are used (also known as keywords).

The platform has proven to be wildly successful — primarily because it works! We believe Google Ads to be an essential part of any online marketing campaign, one that delivers measurable and notable ROI (Return on Investment) for businesses. 

The ROI can be very high with Google Ads, as even if it costs you $1000 to get 10 new clients with Google Ads, but those 10 clients are worth $500 each to you – then that is $5000.

If you aren’t already utilizing Google Ads, here are just 6 reasons why you should be. 

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What You Should Know About Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics may be the headliner but it’s not the only essential tool provided by Google to aid you in the running of your website—today we’re going to look at another one of those tools in the form of Google Tag Manager. 

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Health & Education – Featured Businesses

Nothing is more important than making sure your body and mind are in the best shape they can be. This could mean staying healthy and active, taking a course to learn some new skills and further your education, or getting an overdue checkup. All of our featured businesses in this newsletter can help you achieve just that. 

If you use any of the services below, let us know! And if you want to be featured in a future newsletter, just get in touch.

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Why You Need To Review And Update Your Privacy Policy

If you’ve visited a website at any point in the past few months, you will probably have been prompted with a window asking whether or not you want to ‘accept cookies’ or something with similar wording. This reflects the new model when it comes to online privacy and security. 

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Email Scams – Tips On How To Avoid Falling For Them

When it comes to email scams, even the broadest and most basic of these attacks now have an underlying level of sophistication. The most common form they take will be one that imitates either an official bank account or Paypal email.

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Radar Hill Is Looking For A New Web Designer!

We are looking to make a new addition to our team here at Radar Hill! This opening is an exciting opportunity for a talented Web Designer / Front-End Developer.

Your role will primarily be to assist our Graphics Department in the creation of attractive and dynamic websites for our clients. This is an in-office position, so you must be located, or willing to be located, on Southern Vancouver Island.

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Understanding Google Analytics & Ads: Workshop

How to drive more traffic and more leads to your website by leveraging statistics – learn about Google Analytics and Google Ads in this comprehensive 2for1 workshop!

Google is a key part of digital marketing in 2019, and this workshop is going to focus on two services, Google Analytics & Google Ads. 

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BNI National Conference – May 2019, in Montreal

Each year the BNI National conference is held in a different part of Canada, last year it was in Ontario, next year will be in Vancouver. This year’s event was held in Montreal, a city that has a special place in my heart.

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Introduction to Google Ads: Workshop

Do you want to rank #1 on Google? 

What if you were told that the very idea of this is mostly a myth?

Despite what some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) “experts” might tell you, the top of the first page on Google is a nebulous, shifting target. There is no magic formula that will guarantee a top ranking.

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Featured Businesses – Home Renovation

Nothing is more central to your life than your home, it’s the hub of everything. Which is why taking care of it is so important. All of the businesses featured in our newsletter offer something unique, whether it’s maintenance or design, interior or exterior, you can find something in this newsletter that will make your home a better place to live.

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It’s All In A Name: The Birth Of Radar Hill

In celebration of our 18th anniversary, we’ve decided to tell our own origin story here at Radar Hill. People often ask us how the company came to be, and especially how we chose the name Radar Hill, and we love telling them. It’s a great reminder of how far we’ve come, and of why we began this journey in the first place.

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Behind The Curtain At Radar Hill – Andrea

Having worked at Radar Hill for over 16 years now, I’ve had a front row seat watching the company grow and develop, and I’m still just as excited to come into work every morning. In all that time, the most rewarding part of my job has always involved people, whether it’s working closely with the other staff members, or liaising with clients in order to make sure their needs are met.

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